He looks so lost and alone in this moment.  It’s the first time since they met that Kurt hasn’t wanted to listen to him.  I think in some ways it’s the first time that what he’s lost really sinks in.

Ohhhhh, this comment; it hurts my heart because yes, until this point Blaine has been overwhelmed with guilt and self-recrimination, but I think he’s held himself together (barely) with the idea that if he can just talk to Kurt and explain, then this won’t be over. Because he cannot comprehend the idea that they are OVER.
But the look in his eyes here is the dawning realization of complete loss. It is hollow, devastated, and I can practically taste the ashes in his mouth…

My god Darren and Chris acted the hell out of this storyline.

This was in some ways more brutal than the breakup itself.



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Sounds like Kristin from e!online talked to Chord at the red carpet for a movie premiere he was at last night. There is virtually nothing here but I’ll summarize:

1. Chord is back as a series regular and he assumes he’s in all 13 eps

2. Sam will be at McKinley in Lima.

3. The article reiterated that Lea, Chris, and Darren are back, and that Naya is back in a reduced role.

4. The writers are 3-4 eps into writing (thanks Tirpse!)